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Let’s start with Low Hanging Fruit, shall we?  Commitment Issues, Penis Naming, and Susan Sarandon’s daughter!  This episode rocked!!!!  The beautiful Eva Amurri Martino plays Sabrina, who is Danny’s current girl of the moment, as well as Leslie’s bestie.  UDLow Hanging Fruit

Sabrina has kept Danny’s interest for a month, and Justin feels the need to meddle to force Danny to try a ‘real’ relationship.  I’m sure you can all guess how that ends up.  It’s fantastic!  In the meantime, some guy has named Brett’s penis something terrible, so Leslie decides to help him rename it something more appropriate.  Fantastic writing, amazing comedic delivery, and you just have to watch it for yourself!


Now, Daddy Issues involves Justin’s dad coming for a visit, played by the yummy Tom Cavanagh who is slick and charming and charismatic, and Justin clearly is not thrilled to see him.  Come to find out, Dad abandoned Justin when he was 13 to pursue a singing career.  Justin’s birthday party is around the corner, and he wants his dad to leave before the party.  In a strange flip of plot, Danny decides to intervene and meddle in Justin’s life, and gets Dad to agree to stay for the party.  However, Dad’s flakiness rears it’s ugly head, and he bails at the last minute to go do a gig.  Justin is hurt and angry, and lashes out at Danny.  In the best scene of the episode, Leslie comes over to see how Danny is doing, and he’s soooooo drunk.  Stupidly, slurringly drunk, and it’s sad and hysterical all at the same time.  He has a very human moment of admitting that he feels badly that Justin is hurting, and blames himself.  At that moment, Justin comes out of the bedroom in an outfit that you just have to watch the episode to appreciate.  He’s super drunk as well.  They are ridiculous together, and I applaud the acting in that scene.  Daddy returns at the end of the episode, thanks to more Danny meddling, but this time it’s for good and not evil.  And Justin finally gets one over on his father by singing his face off.  UndateableOf course, Tom Cavanagh can’t sing at all, so there wasn’t much of a challenge.  That was disappointing.  I wish they’d cast an actor who could really sing, so that the challenge would have been better for Justin.  But Tom Cavanagh was yummy, as he always is (loops, my daddy issues are showing), so I forgive the bad singing.

In a side plot, Shelly messes with Sabrina and takes over her job for 48 hours as a waiter at the bar.  His marijuana speech is hysterical.  And something fun happens to Danny whenever you say ‘butterscotch’, which, again, you need to watch the episode to find out.

Watch last week’s episodes on NBC.com, sweeties, and tell me your thoughts.  My verdict:  I love this show like a fat kid loves cake!

Happy Judging,