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This show!  This fucking show!  I am so sad it’s the last season, but I will say, HBO is going out with a bang!  If the first episode blew my mind, last night’s second episode rocked me to the core!

TB E&JThe opening scene, oh my god, the opening scene!  Finally, beloved Viking shows his stunning face as his talk slim frame walks through a stunning hotel, being followed by someone, and we quickly find out that someone is Jason!  Eric makes a martini, Jason confesses that he can’t get Eric out of his head, and tries to undress Eric, in only the goofy way Jason can. Next thing we know, shirts are off, and Jason is on top of Eric on the bed, touching and kissing, and shuddering.  And just when it’s about to get reallllly good, friggin cut to Jason sitting in a pew in church in Bon Temps having a damn dream!  Damnit!  So, is Eric really back, or is that all I get?

Well, the episode goes on as Sookie, Sam, Alcide, Andy and Jason go searching for Holly and Arlene and hope talking to the dead girl in the woods’ family at a neighboring town will help them.  Well, surprise surprise, they arrive only to find the town empty.  And while they’re out trying to find answers, the townspeople of Bon Temps are revolting against Sam’s plan of letting vampires help keep them safe and staying inside.  They take Andy’s fairy daughter and one of Holly’s boys and toss them into jail once they figure out she’s got magic.  Jessica vows to Andy to save her the minute the sun goes down.  Blah blah blah…all that was pretty boring.

The other fun storyline, however, was Tara’s bat shit crazy mama jonesing for V so that she can see Tara in a drug induced haze and has the balls to go to Lafayette for it.  Lafayette, oh my darling, fabulous Lafayette.  He is perfectly acted by the genius that is Nelsan Ellis, and this week’s episode was as delicious as always.  He puts his Auntie in her place, refuses to give her a fix, and expertly points out that we are all currently living in hell.  He’s amazing, and mesmerizing in only the way a Juilliard trained actor can be.  Bravo!  Well, crazy Mama figures out that if she hurts herself, Eric’s stupid little sister will let her drink from her, so she, wait for it, places her hand on a hot cast iron skillet on the stove!  ON PURPOSE!  This was so wrong, that i couldn’t watch her do it.  Shudder!  She gets what she wants, though, and does see Tara…hung on a cross…with a big yellow snake slithering on her body…speaking in tongues.  Mama goes even more nuts.  It was fantastic!

But the most impactful moment of the episode was the moment Pam finally finds my viking.  And this is what she sees:


And I can’t even talk about it, I’m so upset.

Your thoughts on this episode?  My verdict: amazing as always, with a fucking sad ending! 😦

Happy Judging,