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Alright, I’m a fan of The Good Wife, have been for years.  I’ve watched Cary Argos go from ADA working for the dirty governor-to-be to weaseling his way into Lockhart Gardner, to instigating the coup to snag Alicia and start Floric Agos.  I’ve watched him do his ridiculous dance with Kalinda, and found myself rooting for him in the past few seasons.  So, imagine my shock while, anxiously awaiting him to meet up with Kalinda for a, hopefully, hot sex scene, my eyes shoot open wide as I watch him be brutally arrested by policeman!  And to be done so without any charges, and with complete abuse!  I was like, WTF???

And thank you, Mr. Scott, for making all of us, Cary included, wait for about 20 minutes to find out what the eff he did to land in the big house.  That was excruciating, and while Eli’s daughter is delightful (remember the fabulous daughter from Spanglish? She’s all grown up and just as fabulous and even more sassy!), and her confronting the panty-less intern (you gotta just watch it to know), I really was dying to know why Cary was enduring lock up.  And of course, all crappy roads lead to friggin Bishop.

The Prosecution is seriously out to make an example of Cary, and the poor pretty blonde can’t catch a break, no matter how hard Alicia tries.  Bail set for 1.3 million dollars.  Then they manage to get it, and the prosecutor wants to know who supplied the money.  Every motion Alicia files is denied, and it’s seriously starting to piss me off.  Oh!  And one of Kalinda’s former lesbian lovers is working with the cops, admits there’s an undercover cop in Bishop’s team, but won’t give up who it is.

The end of the episode leaves us as Cary is sent back to jail to await one week until a hearing to discern supplier of the bail money can be heard.  Poor kid is just being treated so poorly in there, including having his hand sliced by one of Bishop’s guys inside to prove he’s loyal to Bishop and won’t turn on him.  I’m already over this whole plot line and I fear it’s only just begun.

In other news, Diane wants to join Floric Argos with ridiculous demands, Eli wants Alicia to run for office and Peter is adamant that isn’t going to happen.

Verdict:  All in all a very good episode, but because I love Cary, I hate to watch him go through all this. I hope this gets wrapped soon, because I don’t want to watch Cary waste away in jail all friggin season.

Your thoughts?

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