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I should be sleeping, but I couldn’t until I reviewed the friggin Chicago Fire premier!  The building exploded at the end of last season, and I figured someone wouldn’t make it out.  BUT NOT SHAY!!!!  Not Shay!  I loved Leslie Shay!  Why, Dick Wolf, why would you put Leslie through all of the crazy girlfriend self-destructive stuff only to bring her out the other end and then friggin kill her off?!?!?!  Damnit!

200_sSeveride is MIA, clearly can’t deal without her there.  Dawson is in classic avoidance mode, and we find out why at the end of the episode.  Shay was trying something new and changed places with Dawson, so the beam that fell and killed Shay, well, it should have been Dawson.  Either way would have sucked.  Instead of Severide, Casey would have been the one broken and absent.  And Shay would have been a mess without Dawson.  As a writer, I understand wanting to create emotional roller coasters, but couldn’t they have killed off a less lovable character, like friggen Mouch or Otis?  I’m pissed!

The rest of the episode is a blur as it was just a lot of Shay flashbacks.  And for whatever reason the douche bag from the other firehouse who treated Dawson like shit is still being a douche bag.  I truly don’t know what his problem is, but they could write those guys out of the story immediately and no one would care.

I don’t know how long they are going to drag the story out on this one, and part of me hopes Shay isn’t dead, but just in a coma or something, and I say that because no funeral was shown.  So, perhaps there’s hope.

Verdict – amazing acting, great writing, but I’ll be really pissed if she is in fact dead!  Damn you, Dick Wolf!

I’d love your feedback on this one.

Happy Judging!