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Sofia Vergara.  Say it again, and roll that Rrrrrrrrrr, honey.  Sofia Verrrrgarrrrrra!  This bitch is one of the most beautiful women on television, and she’s seriously funny!  She takes her craft very seriously, so much so that in this season’s pilot, she dresses down, and I mean seriously down, to prove a point to Jay.  Gloria Pritchett is the trophy wife extraordinare, and always looks phenomenal in her skin tight dresses and cleavage for days!  I mean, come on:

GloriaPritchettS5  And this season was no different.  Gorgeous Gloria is all done up, and friggin Jay comes in to their kitchen and is wearing these horrific glasses and a velour track suit and Gloria gives him that face of hers and calls him on the fact that he doesn’t try to look nice for her any longer, which is annoying since she ALWAYS tries to look nice for him.  And  he counters with a very cocky, “I don’t care what you look like, I love you for who you are.”  And she totally, 100%, completely calls his bluff!  And it was glorious.

Fast forward to a few scenes later and Jay is ready to take Gloria to meet clients, and she comes out looking like this!!!!!:

Sofia Vergara Is Looking Crazy On The Set Of 'Modern Family' Sofia Vergara Is Looking Crazy On The Set Of 'Modern Family'

YESSSSSS!  Jay tries to roll with it, letting her go all the way to the restaurant before admitting she was right, and likes that she puts in effort to look nice for him.  But good for Sofia Vergara for never taking herself too seriously.  I love the bravery on this, and I’m so friggin proud of her!

The rest of the episode was filled with Cam overdoing the romancing of Mitchell and the only good part of that was when Cam dressed Lily up as cupid and she shot Mitchell in the forehead with a suction arrow and nailed him right between the eyes.  Brilliant!  And the Dunphy’s were in summer bliss with Alex away doing her summer poor house building extra curiculars.  Everyone was having a wonderful time, then Alex comes back and with her, a negativity to derail all of the Dunphy joy.  In addition to the negative one, she’s also the smart one, and figures out she’s the problem, so the rest of the family quickly show that Alex is not the negativity, but rather the voice of reason.  All in all, a snore-fest of a story line.

I’m excited for this season, as this ensemble has wonderful writers and brilliant actors, but this opening drive was less than perfect.  If not for Vergara’s hilarity, this episode would have been boring as hell.  Step it up, people.

Your thoughts?

Happy Judging,