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I was extremely non-plussed about the season premier for Once Upon A Time.  I was already slightly irritated going in, because of all the Disney characters to take on next, it seemed too soon to add the Frozen sisters to it.  But we don’t choose these things, they choose us.  So, I finally sat down with my DVR to see how it all worked out.  And disappointment ensued.

First and foremost, the actors don’t look at all like the characters, and that is the problem with the new technology used to make animations, in that they are so vivid and so realistic, that actual humans just don’t live up.  Especially that dude they cast as Kristoff.  I was expecting big, brawny, nordic, and I don’t know, BLONDE!  Ugh.  So disappointing.  I mean, doesn’t this guy look more like Hans than Kristoff:


And the chick playing Ana, yeah, sweetie, you’re not Kristen Bell, so just stop, ok?  It physically hurt to watch her ‘act’.  And I refuse to even address Elsa.

The love triangle between Regina, Robin (mmmmm, Robin seanmaguire),and Marian is also irritating, but on the positive side, evil Regina is back!  I love her!  She’s so awful!  She’s everything a villain should be, and nice Regina never worked for me, sadly.  But no worries, because The Queen is back in full throttle, and has resurrected her trusty mirror to help her out.  I can’t wait to see what dark shenanigans she is going to create this season.

The rest of the characters are exactly as we left them.  Ruplestilskin is up to something, I don’t know what, and frankly don’t care much.  Emma and Hook are still doing their I love you, but don’t touch me yet dance that I fear will never end.  Snow and Charming are just the devoted new parents and had very little to add to the episode.

And evidently the story line is about Elsa searching for Ana who has gone off into the enchanted forest and has disappeared.

The special effects seemed really cheesy last night, and Arundel looked so fake, I could hardly watch.

Verdict – they better step up their game if they want me to continue to watch this season, because I found myself more bored than entertained with this first offering.  Although Robin Hood will probably always keep me coming back.  Here’s one more image just for the fun of it courtesy of fan forum.com.  Yummy!


Happy Judging,