Judgment of Jason Mraz and Raining Jane – Yes! – Long Drive


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For those of you who don’t know, I have loved Jason Mraz’s music for years! His soulful, easy sound always puts me in a good mood, or a frisky mood, depending on the album. His lyrics are original and moving and his rhythms are mesmerizing.

His new album is coming out, and I must say, I was hesitant at first to see my beloved Jason surrounded by a bunch of chicks known as Raining Jane. I’d heard of the album, being released July 15th, called Yes! but hadn’t had a chance to listen to the music. Then the presale came out, and my oh my, what these four women have added to the melodic charisma that is Jason Mraz is magical!

They did a concert at Jason’s avocado ranch and filmed it to introduce this new album to the world, and I must say, the marketing is genius! It’s just these five musicians set up in a circle, with warm lighting, a gorgeous rug beneath their feet, playing their wonderfully chill music. These five #jasonandjane , sound like they’ve been playing together forever, and I must say I’m a huge fan.

Sadly, they are not brining the concert near the House of the Judgy Bitch, so I won’t get to see them, unless they add some dates! But if you are close enough to see this concert, I highly recommend it. I’ve seen Jason in concert multiple times, and he never disappoints. He’s the real thing, a true artist, and this collaboration is producing stunning music.

Take a watch of this video as this is my favorite of the songs released so far: Long Drive.  I would also recommend you do a search for the other songs from the album that have been released to those of us who pre-ordered the album: Love Someone, Back to the Earth, Hello You Beautiful Thing, 3 Things, and You Can Rely on Me. Let me know what you think!

Verdict: Fantastic! Thank you, Jason Mraz and Raining Jane for your art! We are the better for it.

Happy Judging,




Judgment by the House(Boy) of Steven Tyler at Milan Fashion Week…Dude Looks Like a Ladaaay!


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Judgment by the House(Boy) of Steven Tyler at Milan Fashion Week…Dude Looks Like a Ladaaay!

I don’t even know where to start with this.  Steven Tyler’s old ass actually stopped my heart cold for a second when I saw him in these getups.  And while I love the designers he’s wearing, I’d prefer to see them on the sleek young hangers known as models that parade them on the runway rather than this old hag!  I can write no more than this, because I can’t force myself to look at these photos any longer.  But he looks so deliciously ridiculous, I begged Her Honor to let me share this for anyone who may have missed it whilst perusing today.

Shiver!  I can’t place a verdict, as that belongs to Her Honor, but this little house boy needs to rinse my eyes out to wash away the vision I saw of these ensembles.  And perhaps a red headed slut shot (or 10) to erase it from my memory.

Happy Judging!

Blaine, the Judgy Little House Boy

Judgment of NBC’s Summer Comedy – Undateable


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Well, well, well, well, well…NBC, I was not ready for this little morsel you have given to the masses to help pass the hot Summer Thursday nights!!!  Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, if you have not already experienced it, let me introduce you to the world of Undateable!  This amazing ensemble cast combined with stellar writing has made this Bitch literally LOL at least once in every episode, and that’s no easy feat, being as Judgy as I am. Bill Lawrence and Adam Sztylkiel are a phenomenal pairing that has brought an interesting and original show to my standing Thursday lineup.  This show chronicles a group of friends struggling through ‘undateable’ times in their lives for various reasons.  Whether it’s recently divorced, player, or out and out social awkwardness, there is something we can all relate to in this show.  Let me introduce you to the players:

ImageDanny Burton, played by the hysterical Chris D’Elia, is one half of the hero duo in this show, is fast talking, quick witted, and stupidly attractive.  He’s got opinions for days on how everyone around him should live his/her life and is far from shy on expressing those opinions, and he does so in the best way possible: with judgy humor! (a man after my own heart!)  He does look like, to quote the show, “Jesus if he lived in Seattle”, complete with Fonzy leather jackets and super tight hipster pants for most of his ensembles, and I’m not mad about it!  A new woman every night, a new quip for every situation, this is my favorite character in the show!

Danny’s favorite target for judgment is his new roommate, Justin, aka Baby Bird, played by the incomparable Brent Morin.  Boyish good looks, conservatively dressed, and with a voice like an angel dropped from a 90s boy band, this little whipper snapper is a perfect yin to Danny’s yang.  He’s sweet, sensitive and understanding.  And when it comes to dating, he’s down right pathetic, but in the most adorable way.  He yearns for Danny’s knowledge of women and life, but yet walks around like he knows stuff on his own.  *Spoiler Alert*, he doesn’t.  But watching him drink from the fountain of Danny’s street smarts and feminine manipulation makes for damn good television, especially when it comes to wooing the beautiful barmaid who works at the bar that Justin owns.

Enter Nicki, played by the beautiful and voluptuous Briga Heelan (some of you may know her from the hilarious Ground Floor on TBS), who is the object of Justin’s affection, and as is per usual in any good series comedy, is completely clueless about how he feels. Moment of silence to remember the grandeur of the Rachel and Ross days.  Siiiiigh.  Ok, back to Nicki and Justin.  Sad attempt after sad attempt to woo Nicki has Danny stepping in and meddling to get Justin the girl of his dreams, and shocker, it totally works.  Justin and Nicki are quickly a sugary sweet couple who make you want to throat punch them both, but they just are so damn cute together you just smile and wish them well along with the rest of the gang.

First up from the gang, is the other bar tender at Justin’s bar, Brett, played by David Fynn.  Oh, this beautiful Brit has a sexy accent and twisted sense of humor mixed in with the insecurity of recently coming out of the closet!  He’s awkward and funny and a total pussy when it comes to approaching any man.  I do love the newbies.  He is lovable though, and we are hoping he gets a boyfriend stat, because that bear needs him a big daddy to show him the way!

Next, we have the irritatingly misogynistic, and hopelessly pathetic Burski, brought to life by comedian Rick Glassman.  This kid looks like the goofy glasses kid from the Robin Williams movie Jack all grown up and getting shut down by women on the daily.  Well, more like on the hourly by Burski.  For being as socially awkward as he is, there’s a certain confidence about him that will make you crack up when he throws out a gangsta saying, or something to blatantly offensive without a care of who it offends.  And good for him!  He’s not as judgy as Danny, but he’s close.  I’m a fan.  And my most favorite part of Burski’s role is his ‘relationship’ with Danny’s older sister.

Enter Leslie.  One of my favorite actresses, Bianca Kajlich of Rules of Engagement fame, plays Danny’s recently divorced older sister.  She’s sassy and brassy and yet sweet at the same time.  She’s the den mother to this gang of misfits, and fits right in with them.  She’s doing what a lot of women in their 30s do, which is re-enter the dating world after a stupid marriage ends. Not that I’d know, or anything. Winky face.  She has a non-moment with Justin in the pilot episode, and is the object of Burski’s desire through all the episodes thus far. Her relationship with her brother is both heart warming and realistic in the way they connect.  She isn’t afraid to call him on his shit, and hard as he tries, he can’t bullshit her, cuz she knows him too well.  She bonds with all the boys in the bar, as well as has a great rapport with Nicki.  But the best writing for Leslie is that for the scenes she has with the character played by Ron Funches: Shelly.

Shelly is a large and in charge Detroit native who is so proud of his city, every article of clothing he wears has Detroit on it somewhere.  He fills the token black guy card and does it brilliantly.  His lines are short and sparse, but pack a punch because his delivery and timing are spot on!  This man’s facial expressions and slight lisp narrate the moments in the episode fantastically!  He’s silly, nosey,  judgy and honest to a fault, and j’adore him!

So, for those of you virgin to the series, now you know!  Get out there and pop that Undateable cherry and let me know how it goes!  It’s On Demand, on and Hulu as well!  If you like to laugh, this will satisfy your craving.  And be sure to come back here and comment and let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did.

If you’re an Undateable addict already, tell me your favorite moments in the comments.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Verdict:  Emmy worthy!  Look out Modern Family, this group of nerds are coming for ya!

Happy Judging!!


Judgment of True Blood – Season 7, Episode 1 – Jesus Gonna Be Here….Or Not!


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true-blood-season-7-teaser-trailerI know so many people who were anxiously awaiting the premier of the final season of HBO’s beloved True Blood, myself included!  I invited friends over, I set the DVR, I popped popcorn, poured myself a glass of my favorite red in honor of the mayhem about to be enacted on my television and was ready for some blood!  And I was not disappointed.  At first.

The recap reminded me, not only about the whole vampire needs a human/human needs a vampire business, but that with the killing of Warlow, my glorious Norse God was set to flames as the last season came to a halt.  And I said to the room, “If Erik doesn’t come back in this episode, I’m not watching this damn show anymore!”

Well, the opener had a gaggle of infected vampires attacking the little bbq being held outside of Bellefleur’s (fka Merlotte’s) and all the humans ran for their sad little lives.  Not all were lucky enough to be spared.  Some of my favorites, Arlene (I do love her flaming red hair) and Holly (gotta love a white trash witch) were snatched off into the woods along with Sam’s pregnant shifter baby mama.  The regular studs did their best to fight off the vamps, oh to watch Jason and Alcide flexing and punching and mmmmmm!  Yummy!  And not to be outdone, Miss Tara bared her fangs and went after this mountain of a man who threatened to kill her mama!  A strange slow motion, yet sped up fight scene showed Tara take a lickin’ and keep on kickin’!   Until the battle was over and bat-shit-crazy-mama informs the group that Tara is dead.  (Insert loud gasp, hands tossed in the hair silence before the cursing erupted inside the House of the Judgy Bitch)

“What the fuck?” was the general consensus of the moment.  We are about two and a half minutes into the damn episode, and Tara’s dead?  Tara?  Dead?  Are you fucking serious?!?!   The second question asked by the room collectively, “And where the hell is Pam!”  Blaine, my judgy little house boy reminded us all that Pam released Tara from her as her maker, so she wouldn’t know what the hell was going on in Bon Temps!  Tara’s dead.  Tara is fucking dead.  I am not happy, and this seriously pissed me off!

Moving on, however, because we have 50 more minutes of episode to judge, let’s move back to the fact that Jessica is just hanging outside of Andy Bellefleur’s house trying to make up for the fact that she sucked three of his half fairy daughters dry of all their delicious honey flavored blood by protecting the last one left, and it’s just friggin pathetic.  Andy gets a call telling him Holly has been taken, so he has to rush out, trust that his innocent daughter won’t be stupid enough to invite the murderer of her sisters in the house to go look for her, but not before verbally slapping Jessica across the face with the words we were all slapped with a few minutes earlier:  Tara’s dead.  I admit, I gave an eye roll as the news caused Jessica to do her famous blood tears, I swear, that girl just isn’t happy unless her mascara is running down her face in a pool of blood.  And what does any girl do, when she finds out her bff has been turned into a pile of goo?  She calls her hot, hunky, boyfriend of course!

Let’s pause for a moment to discuss how absolutely stunning this boy is?  Thank you, Luke Grimes for being this amazingly gorgeous James Kent to life!  Your deep voice and smoldering good looks make this Judgy Bitch very, very happy!  Swoon!

Ok, back to the judgment, so the delicious Mr. Kent has decided to be Lafayette’s vampire for the moment, and with Tara dead (again!), they end up back at Lafayette’s boudoir for some much needed herbal refreshment.  We get to hear the turning story of Jess’s man, and find out that he was turned in the 70s, partakes of the herb, oh, and is at least bisexual, if not a gay man, with the telling of the death of his best friend in the Vietnam War, and how said friend’s homophobic father beat James Kent within an inch of his life, and he would have died as well if a local vampire hadn’t taken pity on him.  There’s a moment, perhaps I imagined it, but I don’t think I did, where the chemistry fires ignited between Lafayette and James, and all I could think is, look out, Jess, cuz you’re not match for Lafayette, girl!

The episode went downhill from there, in my humble opinion.  Sookie can hear everyone judging her with their thoughts (and good on them!) and has a melt down with Alcide, but manages to apologize the best way she knows how: stripping down to her perky boobs and pressing her naked ass up against him and saying ‘I’m Sorry.’  Ugh, this girl, I swear.  Although, good for Miss Anna Paquin having her body look that good after having babies!  Go ‘head, Miss Thing!

Let’s wrap the rest of this quickly, as I started to not care, myself, other than I kept waiting to get a glimpse of my beloved Erik Northman.  Sookie goes to church only to be shunned by Tara’s mother, blaming her for Tara’s death in the best hypocrisy moment to date.  Shocking, I know.  Sookie pleads to the congregation to let her help, and they just stare at her.  The humans are being held at Fangtasia awaiting to be lunch for the infected ones.  Some creepy infected old pig of a vampire and Jessica have a standoff at the Bellefleur house for the blood of Andy’s daughter.  This lasts to sunrise where dumb girl invites Jessica in to save her from the sun.  Jessica doesn’t eat her, but runs to the attic to avoid death.  The creepy pig guy explodes in the sun.  Pam plays a weird game of Russian roulette in Marakesh, and is searching for Erik, who, never friggin shows up in this episode!  Oh, and Jason finally got to fuck his vampire keeper, and it was all kinds of hot and dirty and good for him!

All in all, I’d say it was an ok start, but I am not happy about Tara’s death.  I am not happy about Erik’s absence (and contrary to my rant at the beginning, since Pam is clearly looking for him, I’ll keep watching…for now).  But I am very happy I got to see Jason naked, that I got to see Anna Paquin remind me that she can act, and that the moment with Lafayette and James has wetted my appetite for amazingly scrumptious things to come in that story line!

My verdict:  Entertaining, but only mildly at times.

Until next time, kiddies!

Happy Judging!



All Rise…


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The Honorable Judgey Bitch Presiding!

You may be seated.  And welcome to The House of the Judgy Bitch, Her Honor is so pleased to have you here.  Inside these walls she will discuss, and don’t forget judge, all the delicious things popular culture has to offer.  She will not discriminate, and will judge, most often with bitchy overtones, everything from television to film to theatre to music to celebrity goings on, and anything else that strikes her fancy.

I mean, let’s face it, we’re all constantly judging, aren’t we?  We all sit around and share our opinions with our friends about the GOT finale, or the Disney spin on the Maleficent movie, or that spectacle also known as Kim Kardashian’s ass and what god awful thing she draped on it today.  Well, here, at the Judgy Bitch, Her Honor is reviewing all that stuff with her friends in the hopes that you’ll join in the conversation through comments and sharing her posts.  And from time to time, I’ll join in and toss my own viewpoints in as well!

We must warn now, there will be foul language, and discussions of topics not suitable for the wee ones, so best to keep this for adult entertainment only!  Oh! Maybe Her Honor should review some of that type of film!  Wait, I digress.  Anywhooooo…As the Judgy Bitch is often off watching something new to judge in the deliciously bitchy way that only she can, I’ll keep you all updated on her verdicts!

Hoping to chat with you all soon, kiddies!

Happy Judging!


Blaine, Judgy Little House Boy